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Monday, October 10, 2011

Salomon Lantau 2 Peaks Trail Run 2011

Citygate, Tung Chung, Hong Kong
October 9, 2011

WICKEDLY CHALLENGING - that's how I would describe the Salomon Lantau 2 Peaks (Ngong Ping - 15KM category) mountain trail run. I've joined trail runs before, but this one falls under a whole new level. The whole course was a combination of steep stair ascents and descents, dirt trails and knee-busting hill climbs.

The highest point that we have reached during the race was 564m ASL, which gave a spectacular front-seat view of the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong - Lantau Peak (934m ASL).

Despite having leg cramps at the early part of the race, I was able to complete the challenge with an official time of 2:56:22.

I just couldn't imagine how the 21KM catergory could have been. Probably, I'll give it a shot next year depending on my physical condition.

Here are some photos during the race:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Canon Photomarathon 2011 - HK

HK Convention & Exhibition Centre
October 2, 2011

Have taken part in the recently concluded Canon Photomarathon 2011 - Hong Kong edition. This is the 3rd time I have joined this event, which is dubbed as the region's largest photo competition since it spans to several countries within Asia - Singapore, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

This event aimed to challenge the participants' photographic creativity under the pressure of time. The 3 themes for this year focused on nature (Theme 1: Green Hong Kong Low Carbon Living), local cultural heritage (Theme 2: Preserving Hong Kong Cultural Heritage) and food (Theme 3: Eat With Colors).

Here are some of my captures during the event:

photomarathon badge


electric tram

idol bruce






princess statue


slow pedestrians

hang out

5 seats



old building


rock indie


old school bike





tenderloin cut

street snacks

gastro filler

cloud 9

red meat


fruit heaven

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