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Monday, December 5, 2011

Garmin Forerunner® 610

All along I've been using RunKeeper on my smartphone to track my runs, but I hated it that every time I get inaccurate data or much worse, run out of battery in the middle of a long activity.

So I decided to ask "Santa" (a.k.a. my wife) for a GPS running watch as an advanced Christmas present. And *poof* - my wish was granted and I got a kickass Garmin Forerunner® 610. This nifty piece of equipment is dubbed as the next generation running watch. It boast new features like its touchscreen operation, virtual racer, custom workouts and more.



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Patagonia Nature Run 2011

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, Hong Kong
November 27, 2011

As described by the organizers, the 21km category of the Patagonia Nature Run 2011 is a beautiful and wicked trail course - hell yeah it is! Got a visual treat of the surrounding areas of the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.

My official finish time is 4:10:02. There goes another action-packed trail running experience in the great outdoors of Hong Kong. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Salomon Lantau 2 Peaks Trail Run 2011

Citygate, Tung Chung, Hong Kong
October 9, 2011

WICKEDLY CHALLENGING - that's how I would describe the Salomon Lantau 2 Peaks (Ngong Ping - 15KM category) mountain trail run. I've joined trail runs before, but this one falls under a whole new level. The whole course was a combination of steep stair ascents and descents, dirt trails and knee-busting hill climbs.

The highest point that we have reached during the race was 564m ASL, which gave a spectacular front-seat view of the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong - Lantau Peak (934m ASL).

Despite having leg cramps at the early part of the race, I was able to complete the challenge with an official time of 2:56:22.

I just couldn't imagine how the 21KM catergory could have been. Probably, I'll give it a shot next year depending on my physical condition.

Here are some photos during the race:

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